PTSD-Child Abuse Memories, PTSD and me…

Music is: Hello by Evanescence

Video Created by:  M.R.Teel

I discovered this video by accident while searching for a documentary on PTSD.  I was astounded at what I found. 

Two fantastic videos were created by ‘M.R.Teel’ and I had to select which one to show first.  Both brought me to tears; they were that moving.  I wrote and asked permission to use her videos, she said “yes, yes, yes – to get the word out”.

I chose “Child Abuse Memories, PTSD and me…as this is ME.  It’s my story too and so many others.  I trust you will enjoy, however, I will caution of **triggers**.

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14 thoughts on “PTSD-Child Abuse Memories, PTSD and me…

  1. Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the late reply but my reply function wasn’t working until now.

    All of this abuse at the hands of these people who are supposed to guide you through life, not destroy your life for their satisfaction. I’m so sorry about what you went through, and sadly, I don’t think the memories ever really die. I am not accepting what happened to me, but rather just facing the fact that it happened. He pretty much ruined my life, and I think I died at 6 years old.

    Hang in there. So happy about your step-daughter, she is lucky in our times now with getting the help she needs. Back in my day (’60′s), no one knew what to do with this subject.

    All the best

  2. Wow! Im having a hard time seeing through the tears. Your story was almost identical to mine! My abuser was however a step father. A very cruel man, obsessed with me. I’ve managed over the last 18 – 20 years working very hard to accept the abuse. I dont know about you, but the part that still hurts so badly and I can’t make sense of is the heartless reaction of my whole family. Expecially my mother! How can a mother see that with her own eyes and still marry her childs repest and help him get away with it?! Instead of healing’ time has made this wound a lot deaper and more painful. As I watched my own children grow I just could not imagine ever leting my child go through that pain. ALONE! I cope as best I can by making something good from a horrible childhood. Because of what I went through I am armed with real knowledge to help others. The thing that I am the most proud of is an 18 year sentence that was handed down to my step father’s best friend because at 16 years old I could already recognize the signs of sexual abuse and I tought his 8 year old step daughter how to get help, and SHE DID IT! I am so proud of her for being soooo brave!

  3. Thank you so much for your comment, yet sad at all that you have endured throughout your life.

    This video is tough to watch, but my wish is that the people who inflicted the pain could view it. But perhaps they have no conscience or care; just selfishness.

    Don’t know if you have read a couple of my articles on my own PTSD.

  4. OMG, this video and page really tears at my heart.

    i had my entire adolescence destroyed by abusive and neglectful parents who then allows a molester into the family, the “bible school/scoutmaster” from the local lutheran church. it was nonstop abuse from them all.

    I now suffer from the PTSD and it makes my life a living hell, with the memories, the pain, the sorrow, the nightmares. I was told by my mother that it was “gods plan” and also they “Warned me”. how does someone heal from such betrayal?

    my heart out to all survivors. Peace to you


  5. Stephanie: You are very correct – the video is difficult to watch, but at the same time, we have to get to the soul of matter and most often times these topics bring hurt and are hurtful. People just don’t get it; don’t realize what some people have been through in their lives. We all can’t live in the past, but the memories are there and will always be there.

  6. The person that made this video and all people who watch in utter tears let me just say I believe you and give that hurt inner child a hug for that feeling of being ignored never seems to go away. If we were only listened to we might not have all this pain. Thank you.
    p.s. it’s exteremly hard to watch

  7. This video is very painful, yet for me cathartic. Possibly due to having gone thru therapy. Although therapy was a major mistake for the most part, I suppose I took something from it (a small part), and that it finally reinforced that the abuse was NOT my fault and I didn’t cause it. Possibly view it again at another time, when you are well and you may see it from a different angle.

    Take care and thanks for visiting this blog.

  8. just wanted to say that this touched me. i was doing research for my project and came across your clip. i referenced your clip to the class
    thanks for sharing your story

  9. Oh Wow…I can only say thank you and wish we all hard the voice to say our story. The end hit had for me.. I have to remember to Heal! Edited

  10. Oh Wow…I can only say thank you and wish we all had the voice to say our story. The end hit had for me.. I have to remember to Heal!

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