Marijuana and depression: What’s the link?

Mayo Clinic answers:

Some research suggests a connection between marijuana and depression — particularly regular or heavy marijuana use. However, it’s not clear whether marijuana actually causes depression or whether marijuana use simply goes hand in hand with depression for some people. It’s possible that the genetic, environmental or other factors that make someone more likely to use marijuana also make the person more likely to experience depression. The reverse also may be true. The circumstances that trigger depression may make marijuana use more likely.

The bottom line: Marijuana use and depression accompany each other more often than you might expect by chance, but there’s not enough evidence to indicate that marijuana directly causes depression. is an excellent resource for health information

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2 thoughts on “Marijuana and depression: What’s the link?

  1. I don’t know who you are, but thank you very much for not trying to prove anything and only supporting it. Too often people are obsessed with trying to prove their claims with half-ass bouts of evidence. When in all actuality they only accomplish making themselves look idiotic. I’m glad you have shown us some skepticism based on facts without shoving bias opinions down our throats. Keep it up

    Peace, RG

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