Health Tip: Better Manage Stress

(HealthDay News) –Jan 12, 2012 — Learning how to control stress can help you feel better and improve your health.

The Cleveland Clinic suggests ways to help manage stress:

  • Become aware of the earliest signs of stress and how you respond.
  • Learn and practice a relaxation technique that becomes “your” way of “de-stressing.” Practice the technique as soon as you feel stress.
  • Imagine yourself in a stressful situation so you can practice dealing with stress.
  • Apply your stress management techniques to real-life situations.

6 thoughts on “Health Tip: Better Manage Stress

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    • I agree with the person who said “People who are depressed often feel…… A really nice article you wrote.

      I’m in the midst of applying for disability and scouring google trying to find out if it’s better to be “depressed”, or keep my “bipolar” diagnosed label. Years ago, bipolar would have been an automatic fail for disability benefits. You can’t win.


      • We’re having a nice chat here, aren’t we Deb? :)

        Thanks. The person that described isolation and depression is a best of the best friends. She’s been a therapist for, um, gulp over 20 years. (just found a photo of us last weekend and we were so YOUNG ). She too is angry with the medical world if it’s any consolation.

        No. Not much winning going on with the DSM yada yada…palada..da.da..da (crossed eyes).

        Use what ever label gets you the disability would be my vote (as long as it doesn’t prevent you from getting the Rx or treatment that is helping you doing such a great job at the keyboard!)…I’m going to call you Deb if that’s okay : ).

  2. I’ve not stopped by in a while – your page looks different! I love it! It’s so bright and hopeful. You are brave and committed to your passion against stigma and mental health. I really appreciate that. Please keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Stigma in mental illness is with us everyday unfortunately, but educating people is a start.

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