christmas music

I was in the shopping mall this morning and stopped by a bed and bath store.  The music in the background was playing Christmas songs, which did set me in the merry mood for this time of year, however, the CD/tape/record suddenly got stuck playing one of my least favorite songs, “I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus” too many times that I had to leave the store.  Which brings me to this article.  My most hated Christmas songs (not in any order):

  1.  The obvious as of today “Mommie….
  2.  Chipmunk – Yikes –Alvin = migraine
  3.  Anything by Elvis (sorry fans)
  4.  The 12 Days of Christmas
  5. Santa Baby
  6. Feliz Navidad
  7. The Little Drummer Boy

I’ll probably think of more and add to here.

I’m just not an enormous fan of festive music, so my very limited favorites are:

  1. Bing singing – White Christmas
  2. Silent Night
  3. Older singers from the ‘50’s, ‘60’s music

Season’s Greetings.



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