An art journal is basically a diary.  Anyone can make an art journal.  The only difference is how you use it. You can use it like a diary every day, like a journey book of your life, things that happened to you, or just do sketches of interesting or memorable moments from your day or week.

I have been journaling most of my life, however never came across Art Journaling before. is jam-packed with ideas, and once I went searching for one thing I ended up landing on someone’s board entitled “Art Journals”.   This fascinated me.   I haven’t worked on any kind of crafts for years, lost interest and never picked it up again, yet this seemed intriguing and I loved the affirmations and quotes that were scripted on some of the pages.  So I began, and I am hooked and I love it!

You DON’T have to be an artist, and you DON’T need to be a crafty person, and it ISN’T costly.  Roughly, 90% of my supplies I find at Dollar stores or Walmart.

It really relieves the anxiety and frustrations at times; three or four hours go by and I feel a little better, sort of a soothing tactic instead of medication.

Just keep in mind, this is YOUR JOURNAL, so if you draw, paint, paste, color, write or create whatever ~~ it’s yours.  You may choose to share it or keep it personal.

These are just a few of my art journal pages:


Supplies that I started off with:

  • Watercolor paint, paint brushes
  • Colored pencils, plain lead pencils, eraser, ruler
  • Felt tip markers and fine tip marker
  • Scissors, glue sticks
  • Cotton balls (I found these to apply the paint to the pages easier than the brushes)
  • Spare paper (to use between pages when painting, or applying glue or just to prevent spills etc etc)
  • Index dividers – used for stencils or cut-outs
  • Stack pads – they come in different colors and pretty prints
  • The actual journal I found was a hard cover, spiral bound at the Dollar store.  Mine was only $3.00 and covered it with sticky paper, otherwise the craft store wanted $15.00.

Hope you enjoy too!

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