About Me

I’m 58, reside in Canada, married for over 35 years, never had children but do have one ‘spoiled’ dog named “Emma”.

I’ve been struggling with major depression for many years, yet did recover enough to return to the workplace after a nine year absence.  Presently, life finds me again dealing with major depression, coupled with chronic migraines and unemployed. 

Writing has always been my passion, and I’ve been journaling off and on since I was in my teen years, and faithfully during my depression years and even presently. 

Intense psychotherapy began in 1994 to deal PTSD (childhood sexual abuse), which ultimately led to years of major depression, hospitalizations, ECT treatments and unemployment.  During these years I would journal daily, and thankfully I did as ECT robbed me of considerable long-term memory.

Those journals were of such assistance, as I was able to compose articles to articulate and express all of the emotions felt in areas of my life that were explored in therapy.  Another patient during one of my hospitalizations suggested I start a blog.  A blog?  What the heck is a blog?  I soon discovered what blogging entailed, collected my articles and began my first blog in 2003; afterwards conceiving “Living in Stigma” in 2007.

With “Living in Stigma”, opportunities have come my way in the form of a series of articles on mental health on the website “Mind Your Mind”, and in 2011, I was interviewed on “Safe Space Radio” from Portland, USA on the topic of “Mental Illness Stigma”.   Here is the Podcast Link:  http://safespaceradio.com/2011/05/bipolar-stigma/

Also to my credit, I’ve had articles published in newspapers and a magazine, and self-published books on mental illness used in mental health groups.

Thanks for stopping by this blog, if it wasn’t for all of you it wouldn’t be the success that it is with over 390,000 visitors.

~~ Deb


40 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Loved reading about your story. As a person who struggled with depression in my teenage years, I will always have an affinity for anyone struggling with these circumstances. I look forward to reading more about you and your very astute insight. I too found solace in my writing as a young child. I have more diaries then I care to count :) When I was teaching I used to have my students write as a form a therapy but I fell away from doing it myself. I just discovered WP and have used it to express feelings about my current situation, but am excited to use it as a platform to write from my heart about other things. Hoping things feel a bit better soon, continue writing, no better form of therapy


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  3. Hello!
    I just wanted to say thank you for liking and reblogging my post from AnchoredinKnowledge.com. I appreciate that.
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    All the best

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    • Thank you for your comment, I changed my mind and decided to “un” reblog your post due to fact that, although full of information, it contained too much advertising. I did however place you on my links. Sorry about that, but just letting you know.
      Note: an e-mail was sent today just in case you missed this comment. Cheers, Deb


  4. Hi, thanks for liking my post. Just wondering how you found my blog? (I’m new to this whole blogging thing and struggling to find good blogs I want to read with some humour in them). I too have experienced mental illness so my heart goes out to you and your current struggles. I’ll definately be stopping back in here to see how you’re going and read your entertaining posts! Thanks!!


    • Hi and thanks for responding.
      When you put “tags” on your blog, it goes into a “reader”. You can view the reader (I found) on the front page of WordPress on MY BLOG. I happened to look under the tag for “embarrassment” and your blog came up; I was able to write a comment, or reblog or “like” or click onto your entire blog, because you used that tag. If your keep your tag as simple words, people will find your blogs easier on the reader and possibly “follow” your blog. Words that you used for your tag in your latest article: “writing”, “embarrassment”, “retail”, are GOOD words for tags, but words like “cool kids”, “brain cells” “not so good” are not common words so not so good. Hope this helps. Deb


  5. Hi Deb,

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  6. Deb…I’ve not stopped by your blog in several months…glad I did…sounds like 2012 had some “speed bumps.” Hope that you are entering May on more solid ground…I didn’t realize that you were N of the border. I hope that spring is treating you well.

    Best wishes,



    • Thanks so much for your kind words. These have not been great months, nor was last year. Still living through a bad depression coupled by suicidal ideation at times. I was on short term disability for 6 mos. and now approved for long term. Unfortunately, the monthly benefit amount is very low and would be difficult to live on if I were a single person.

      In March 2012, I was in the hospital for 3 weeks on the mental health ward, as things were going from bad to worse. But I do think it helped a bit and while in hospital it was a nice break from thinking of the things that were triggering everything. Also, I had a very good pdoc.

      I sometimes don’t even have the energy to keep up this blog, so there will be gaps in posts.

      Take care and thanks for your note.



  7. Dear Deb,
    I read some of your posts, and I felt sad because your mental illness lasted so long and that impacted your life so profoundly.
    I think that you should be aware that your therapist is exploiting and misleading you. That stops you from taking fresh perspective and healing.
    I was depressed at one time and everything seemed hopeless, but now I see how damaging was impact of those people. You should let yourself heal.
    Your blog reminded me on that time and made me sad. I felt that I have to tell you this.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful post. The therapist I currently have has been excellent in walking me through the PTSD for childhood sexual abuse, and not misleading me. I will continue with her as her methods work. I’m happy you’re not in the throes of depression; what a feeling that is.


      • Hi Deb,

        I was reading your reply and I was just wondering what type of treatment your therapist is using with you. I have just started CBT(cognative behavior therapy), I think its also called Prolonged Exposure Therapy. I am also dealing with PTSD as a result of being sexually abused as a child. Have you heard of these types of treatments? Do you know if they are effective?


        • Kudos to you for stepping into the therapy world for tackling PSTD, as I feel that is the only way to work through guilt, resentment etc. It took many, many years to believe it wasn’t my fault of the sexual abuse, however, at times, I still think so.

          The therapy that my psychologist I am seeing now (for 3 years) uses, as far as I know, is just “psychotherapy”. Maybe it is CBT. It’s really working; she is very good. The first therapist I had in the 1990’s was way over her head with me and the PTSD and used psychodynamic psychotherapy. I became too attached to her and that was a major mistake. Also I pushed myself to learn more of what happened that I ended up in a mess and the start of years of very black depression and hospital stays. The flashbacks and memories were excruciating to go through and drained so much of me I eventually lost my job. I’m not saying that would happen to everyone, but for me it was a disaster.

          I hope this helps. Keep me informed on how you are doing, and pat yourself on the back, this is tough, draining work.

          All the best,


  8. Hi Deb, I am 33 years old and was diagnosed with PTSD almost a year ago. Thank you for posting your story. I recently started my own website. http://tamingthehamster.weebly.com/index.html
    Feel free to visit and comment. I’m a rookie writer so any feed back would be great.

    I haven’t finished reading your website yet, but have added it to my favorites. Thank-you for sharing your story – it helps to know I’m not alone, and that there is a real living example of dealing and healing. I will definatly keep following you.

    Keep up the great work!


    • This is excellent that you are keeping a journal as that was my savior at times and, although sounding bizarre, gave me comfort. The PTSD is horrible to deal with, but a word of advice – find a good therapist. Give it some time with this person and if you are getting nowhere, look for someone else. I made the mistake of holding on to my therapist for over 5 years and I think it made me worse. A therapist must be qualified to deal especially with PTSD.

      I really like your blog and you are doing great.



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